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Receive free Kitsch merchandise to blog about our products!


  • Do you run a successful blog and/or video blog with a considerable following?
  • Are you influential in the fashion blogosphere and frequently contribute to sites such as facebook, twitter, instagram, lookbook.nu, polyvore, pinterest, and more?

If you fit the above criteria and are interested in blogging for Kitsch merch, send an email to info@mykitsch.com with links to your blog and all your associated social media sites. We’ll review it and if approved, we’ll get you set up with our merchandise!



Your blog’s PageRank and number of social media followers will determine the value of the merchandise you’ll receive for the first blog entry. You may choose any product within the given guidelines. The value of the merchandise you’ll receive monthly for each subsequent post will be determined by the success of the first post, follower feedback, referrals, and other such factors. 

 LEVEL 1 package1.jpg

  • PageRank 1-2
  • 10,000-50,000 social media followers
  • 1 printed/glitter hair tie card + 1 solid hair tie card
  • Up to $26.00 value


 LEVEL 2 package2.jpg

  • PageRank 3
  • 50,000-100,000 social media followers
  • 1 hair tie card + 1 piece from our Charm Collection 
  • Up to $54.00 value


 LEVEL 3 package3.jpg     

  • PageRank 4-6
  • 100,000+ social mediafollowers
  • 2 hair tie cards + 1 piece from our Charm Collection 
  • Up to $70.00 value


Share your blog entries 

Tell your followers about us, include the product’s URL in the post, and send us your blog entries. The more you blog, the more product you receive. You can spread the word about our amazing accessories while racking up Kitsch merchandise…it’s a win-win!