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Bun Pins

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Kitsch’s bun pins can make any up-do look effortlessly chic! Throw up your hair in a bun and put in one of our bun-pins that come in a variety of styles.  A star bun pin, floral pun pin, butterfly bun pin, relic bun pin – get one for every occasion and any hair style. Say goodbye to bad hair days with our signature bun pins! 

Classic. Elegant. Sophisticated. These are the words the come to mind when people think of the timeless bun hairstyle. With Kitsch, our hair pins for buns add another layer of glam to your look, and it can help you stand out at any event. 

Bun Pins From Kitsch Are Glamorous and Chic 

We know how difficult it can be to find the perfect hair accessories to go with your bun, but we've amassed a collection of hair pins for buns that are timeless and go with any fashion sense. No matter if you want to give off a cool and elegant vibe or a more casual look, a bun can help you. 

Our bun pins help anchor your bun, and they provide a small sparkle that can turn any outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. You'll be able to rule the office or wow on your night out, and bun pins give you the assurance that your bun will stay in place from the moment you get ready until you finish out the day or night. 

You'll get either 14K gold, or sterling silver plated brass with gorgeous detailing, and both styles go with any outfit. Pop in the 14K gold bun pin for your special day or a high-end party, and slip the sterling silver plated brass bun pin into your hair for everyday wear. The style is also just large enough for both thick and thin hair!

Shop Kitsch's Line of Hair Pins for Buns Today! 

We want you to have everything you need to transform your ordinary bun into something unique. We invite you to shop our collection of bun pins to find your new go-to accessory. If you have questions about our products, don't hesitate to get in touch today!