Say goodbye to damaged, dry brittle hair & hello to healthy bouncy, perfect curls!  

Meet the TikTok-famous way to achieve salon-worthy curls from home without damaging heat in just 5 minutes.

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“This product has amazed me! Not only is it comfortable to sleep in, but it only takes 5-8 minutes to do! The curls are naturally beautiful and hold all day!” 

– Erika, USA

Heat styling tools can damage 85% of your hair’s keratin proteins, causing it to become dry, brittle, and damaged.

This is especially true If your hair is already coarse and dry - which, if you’re a heat-styling addict like we were - you know exactly what we’re talking about.

The more heat you use, and the more frequently you use it, the worse the damage will be.  

But you know this.

With Kitsch’s Satin Heatless Hair Curling Set,

you can create beautiful, bouncy curls

without the damaging heat.

5 reasons you’ll


your Heatless Curling Set  


You can create perfect curls, no matter your hair type!  

Besides the obvious heat and damage-free benefits, our Satin heatless hair curler rod is gentle on ALL hair types! This is especially useful if your hair has been color-treated, is naturally fine or damaged!


It prevents frizz and protects your hair from breakage  

This curling rod is made of 100% premium Satin. So, instead of leaving your hair dry and damaged, the Satin will help your hair retain moisture to prevent breakage for stronger, more beautiful healthy hair.  

You’ll get lasting gorgeous curls in your sleep  

No hard plastic pieces or slippage while you sleep. This smart elegant design allows you to comfortably wear your curler to bed without it dislodging, so you wake up with perfect curls as promised!



It’s affordability meets luxury. It’s a no brainer.  

Made from premium quality materials for maximum hold, durability, and effectiveness. We promise there is no knock-off Satin Heatless Hair Curler that compares to Kitsch. And, because we use only high-grade, ethically sourced Satin, you get all the same luxurious benefits as Silk, without the high price tag.


It’s a time-saver for realzz.  

No waiting around for your hot iron to heat up, or for your hair to cool down before styling. It only takes 5 mins to set your hair in place, and the process is simple. 

free shipping & returns | 90-night money back guarantee

Perfect curls

in 5 minutes


customers & their results

Hair type: thick

Hair length: long


“My long hair is heavy and stubborn with curling. I put the heatless curler in for just one hour. Wow! Best curls I’ve ever had.. 

Karah, USA

Hair type: thin

Hair length: long 

Must-have product

“The ease and effectiveness of this product is astonishing! No more time wasted in the mornings getting ready for work and school!.” 

Marissa, USA

Hair type: thin

Hair length: mid-length

Curls for days 

“I was skeptical at first because I honestly cannot curl my hair (best I can do is a ponytail) but this is amazing. Not only do I wake up with beautiful curls but they last for 3 days.” 

Jodi, USA

Finally, lasting bouncy curls

without the damage

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Shop Satin Heatless Curling Set + Gold Claw Clip

Enjoying beautiful, bouncy curls shouldn’t be difficult, time-consuming and certainly not harmful to your hair.

Perfect waves & curls without the heat damage!

Keeps your hair frizz-free & prevents breakage.

Simple to use and can be worn day or night!



(you save 16% today!)

get damage-free curls today!

free shipping & returns | 90-night money back guarantee

What's included?

1x Satin curling rod

1x Two gentle Satin scrunchies

1x One metal open claw clip for maximum hold

Here’s how







durable silky soft satin casing

comfortable to sleep in & won’t slip off

works great on short & long hair

works on dry, & damp hair

curls last all-day!

Kitsch uses only high-grade, sustainably sourced materials.

So your curler will last longer, be safer, and work better than any other

flimsy cheaper curlers - we guarantee it.

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

At Kitsch, we’re putting you first. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase, and we mean it.

 This is why we’re willing to take all the risks and let you test-drive the Satin Heatless Hair Curler risk-free for 90 days. 

 And if you’re not absolutely thrilled with your purchase, simply email us at for a fast and easy refund.

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Finally, luscious healthy curls

without the damaging heat!

free shipping & returns | 90-night money back guarantee

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