Hair and Beauty Tips


  1. Wash your hair on a strict schedule; we recommend once every 4-7 days.  Try a Kitsch shower cap while showering between washes! This will keep your hair from drying out and becoming too oily. You have to be disciplined and patient for your hair to adjust.
  2. Check your shampoo and conditioner and make sure they are paraben and sulfate free. Products without these two preservatives are healthy for your body and hair.
  3. Give your hair a splash of cold water. If you finish your shower with a shock of cold water, it will seal the cuticle and give you a sleek finish to your hair.
  4. Instead of over-washing your hair, use a dry shampoo to keep your hair fresh without having to use water. It will protect your hair from dirt and debris.
  5. Take it easy on the towel. It’s best to let your hair dry naturally, keeping it wrapped in a towel can cause frizz.
  6. Allow hair products to settle in your hair for ten minutes before you style.
  7. When you blow-dry your hair you should use low heat. Keeping the blow dryer on cool temperature will reduce frizz.
  8. Don’t over tighten your ponytail. If your ponytail is done with your hair pulled too tight, it could put you at higher risk for alopecia and hair loss. The fix is easy; just wear your ponytail looser.
  9. Remove your ponytail before bed. If you sleep with a ponytail in, it can cause scalp stress and strain. You also might wake up with a few more tangles than you went to bed with.
  10. Put your ponytail in when your hair is damp, it may help it hold better.
  11. High ponytail = mini facelift. That’s right, a ponytail puts tension on areas of the skin around your face that will give it a slight pullback to smooth out wrinkles.
  12. For extra hold, try a slicked back ponytail with a small amount of mousse or gel.
  13. Squeeze dry your hair. Try using some paper towel to wring water from your hair after a shower. Paper towels will give you less frizz than a towel.
  14. Try using dry shampoo to keep your hair from slipping out of an up-do.
  15. Show your scalp some love. It’s not just your hair that needs attention; make sure to give your scalp a good scrub too.
  16. Use a hard-water filter in your shower. Water is probably the most important ingredient for cleaning your hair and a quality filter will ensure your water is clean and soft on your hair.
  17. How to fight flyaways: believe it or not, fabric softener sheets work very well, or try to some lotion to smooth out the flyaways.
  18. Style the front first: if you’re in a rush, work on the front of your hair first and dry around your hairline, the rest will fall into place much easier.
  19. Brushing your hair less will actually reduce your hair loss.
  20. Don’t over blow-dry. Blow-drying is actually pretty tough on your hair, so try to limit your blow-drying to only a couple times a week. Be sure to protect your hair with a leave in conditioner.
  21. Pulling your hair back in a ponytail will help you find out what face shape you have.
  22. Try the ombre color hairstyle to save money on color touch-ups.
  23. The more you brush curly hair, the frizzier it gets.
  24. When using a curling iron, don’t clamp it on your hair; try wrapping your hair around it. Remember never to hold a curling iron longer than 10 seconds in your hair.
  25. Before applying a coloring treatment, wash your hair first to help your stylist to see the true color of your hair.
  26. Stay stress-free, it’s true that stress will increase hair loss.
  27. Volumizing stylers only work when you add heat to your hair.
  28. When doing an up-do, your hair actually works better if it’s a little dirty because it adds more texture.
  29. White spots at the ends of your hair are indications that you need a trim.
  30. Use sea-salt spray to give your hair a beachy-look.
  31. When choosing a hair stylist, if you don’t like your stylist’s hair, you should try someone else.
  32. Take it easy on the conditioner; it’s possible to over condition your hair.
  33. Try using a straightening iron to curl your hair rather than a curling iron.
  34. Dry your hair upside-down to create more fullness at the root.
  35. Don’t be afraid of humidity! It’s actually good for your hair even if causes a little frizz.
  36. Protect your hair from the sun. Overexposure can dry out hair so use products with SPF.
  37. Shower before you go into the pool. Pool’s chlorine can damage your hair, but if your hair is already wet with water, it won’t absorb as much chlorinated water from the pool.
  38. If you have a more square face, try a tossled, shaggy hairstyle. Square faces look good with long and straight hair.
  39. Heart-shaped faces look good with curly bobs and side parts.
  40. The best way to treat damaged and split ends is to get a little trim.
  41. To maintain healthy hair, you should only color your hair two shades lighter or two shades darker than natural.
  42. You can try putting colored “chalk” in your hair for a fun, semi-permanent color.
  43. Find a shampoo that lathers less.  Less lather is better for your hair.
  44. For more volume in your hair, try hot rollers.
  45. For an alternative to dry shampoo, try baby powder.
  46. Avoid hair products with silicon in them because it will attract dust and debris.
  47. Don’t overcut your hair. You should get your hair cut every six weeks.
  48. If you have a round face, bangs might not look best on you. If you have a longer shaped face, bangs will work great for you.
  49. Eat fish and nuts for healthy hair: the omega 3’s will help build strong healthy hair.
  50. Healthy hair food 1: Salmon
  51. Healthy hair food 2: Dark leafy greens
  52. Healthy hair food 3: Beans
  53. Healthy hair food 4: Nuts
  54. Healthy hair food 5: Poultry
  55. Healthy hair food 6: Eggs
  56. Healthy hair food 7: Whole Grains
  57. Healthy hair food 8: Oysters
  58. Healthy hair food 9: Low-fat dairy products
  59. Healthy hair food 10: Carrots
  60. Foods to avoid for healthy hair: caffeine, alcohol, refined sugar and flour, and junky snacks. These empty-calorie foods deplete your body’s stores of vitamins B and C.
  61. Use hot oil products to repair dry and damaged hair. Wear a plastic bag or shower cap over your hair while the hot oil is on; then wash hair thoroughly with a gentle shampoo.
  62. Use protein treatments like our avocado treatment to mend split ends and keep your hair super smooth.


  1.  Kitsch hair ties have two awesome advantages over most hair accessories, they are kind on your hair and they look cute on your wrist.
  2. Wearing Kitsch hair ties means you don’t have to worry about dents, creases and those annoying times when traditional hair tie get tangled or break in your hair.
  3. When working out or on an active day, the best way to wear your hair is in a bun secured with a kitsch hair tie and kitsch headband.
  4. If you have finer hair, try double stacking your kitsch elastic headbands to keep fine hairs from slipping out.
  5. Stack hair ties on your wrist for a stunning layered effect.
  6. Kitsch headbands are twice as long as the hair ties, but you can still wear them on your wrist if you double or triple wrap them.
  7. The Ponytail will never go out of style: the ponytail is chic, stylish yet very simple and easy to do. There are many variations: sleek, loose, low. Try them all and be sure to use a Kitsch hair tie.
  8. Kitsch glitter hair ties are a fantastic way to give you that extra bit of sparkle for a fancy night out.
  9. Kitsch basics hair ties are great for times where you want the tie to blend in with your hair. They’re perfect for a casual brunch or day at the gym.
  10. Kitsch neon hair ties are a perfect way to be fashionable and look great this summer. They give that extra pop whether on your hair or on your wrist.
  11. Even though Kitsch glitter hair ties sparkle marvellously; they are specially designed to never shed a speck of glitter on your hair or clothes.
  12. Kitsch hair ties are 100% handmade with love.
  13. Kitsch hair ties have specially treated edges to prevent fraying.
  14. Kitsch hair ties are professionally dyed and treated so go ahead and wear them in a pool, shower, gym or wherever you want to go. You’re safe with Kitsch.
  15. To get that bohemian look, try Kitsch’s tie-dyed hair ties.
  16. Kitsch hair ties can also be worn on your ankle as an anklet.
  17. Got time for a game? You can play cat’s cradle with a Kitsch headband.
  18. Braiding your hair at night and securing with a Kitsch hair tie prevents tangle.
  19. Two Kitsch hair ties are perfect for tying down a messy bun.