Find out which hair accessory matches your personality


Let’s see if we can guess your personality and the hair accessory that best matches it based on your answers to this quiz:

1. Your friends would describe you as:

a) The party animal
b) Her Highness
c) Chill
d) Eccentric

2. Your dream vacation would be to:

a) Live up life in Miami or Vegas
b) Shop in the fashion capitals of the world from New York to Paris to Milan.
c) Have a Europe trip, taking in all that culture and see historical places like the gardens of Champs-Élysées.
d) Go somewhere exotic like Turkey, Egypt or Africa.

3. Pick a color scheme:

a)  Sparkles! (Not a color but I love them. Who says there’s an age limit to using them?)
b) Gold.
c) Black and white or nudes.
d) All of them! Mixing and matching is my game.

4. Your dream career (whether you’re living your passion or not) would be to become:

a) A pop star
b) Have your own fashion label or run a country.
c) Be a wellness coach.
d) Paint, create, draw, perform, anything in the arts.

5. Choose an icon you look up to:

a) Katy Perry
b) Priyanka Chopra
c) Audrey Hepburn
d) Faith Ringgold

Now, add up how many you got for each category (A, B, C, D). The one with the highest number is your result!

Mostly A’s: Studded Word Hair Clips

You’re the life of the party! That colorful, outgoing personality is what draws people towards you. Being the center of attention gives you such a thrill and you can’t help wanting more. You live by the simple rules of enjoying the present and “Go big or go home!”

A natural-born star with a love for all things edgy, “loud,” and daring, you’re always fashion-forward. Set the trend like you always do with rhinestone snap clips and bobby pins with bejeweled words like “Drippin,” “Glam,” or something toned-down just a notch to a bit of variety.

Mostly B’s: Gold and Pearl Accessories

You prefer understated elegance, choosing more refined designs and quality materials. If you weren’t born to royalty, you should’ve been or was in your past life because you’re a queen. Ever so poised, you don’t need to do anything at all to gain attention.

The regal air about you tells people you’re someone to be looked up to. It intimidates some while attracting overconfident airheads at times but it serves you well as time passes. The bun is one of your favorite hairstyles because it’s classy, timeless and keeps your hair out of the way.

Pearls are a great choice when you want to stand out from all the stones and exude sophistication. Opt for a simple item, such as hair ties or a bobby pin, that puts the focus on the details like ridges or precious metals.

Mostly C’s: Simple, Effortless Chic Hair Ties

Laidback, you’re the more relaxed in the group and your clothes show it. Unlike what most people think, basics are understated, on-trend and an easy way to dress up looking high-end without spending the big bucks. Your style is the definition of French girl fashion, which young girls don’t understand because you're confident in your own taste.

You like the finer things in life, just like your “aristocratic-like” friend. You don’t stress over the small things because you see the bigger picture. Avoiding drama is how you keep the peace but this can lead to bottling up emotions. You do believe in honesty when necessary and are blunt when you need to be.

As the friend everyone confides in, you need something that quickly and effectively ties back your hair when you need to get your hands dirty and clean up a messy disagreement. Scrunchies are your go-to, often in blush and velvet as well as other soft colors and materials. When you want to dress it up a bit on a casual day, a nice metallic shade gives you the shine without the mess that comes with sparkles.

Mostly D’s: Prints and Patterns Assorted

You’re the artistic soul! No one uses fashion as self-expression better than you do because there are layers to your personality. You manage to surprise now and then, even those who’ve known you for some time.

Life is practically a theme park to you, with lots of rides for different people. You enjoy the different hues and the mix of personalities. It never runs out of anything interesting for you to discover, whether it’s something nostalgic, romantic, scary or grand. You revel in all of it.

No box can contain you or your number of hair accessories. You love them all! The best ones are those that show off your creativity like a tie set with paint strokes, each one different. You’ve also got some with boho patterns that speak to your inner jet-setter, and another with bold geometric designs for when you’re feeling extra.


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