Self-Draining Shower Caddy
Self-Draining Shower Caddy
Self-Draining Shower Caddy
Self-Draining Shower Caddy
Self-Draining Shower Caddy
Self-Draining Shower Caddy

Kitsch Self-Draining Shower Caddy

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  • Designed to easily accommodate shampoo or conditioner bars & soaps.
  • Supports both wall mount and has legs for free-standing applications
  • Special rust proof coating.
  • Self-draining slots & raised container ensures water drainage.
  • Eco-friendly recycled material is sustainable & kind on the environment.
  • Dimensions Imperial: H 14.63 in x W 4.5 in x D 3.63 in
  • Dimensions Metric: H 37.16 cm x W 11.43 cm x D 9.22 cm
    • Open design has 360° airflow, allowing your bars to dry completely so they last longer
    • Dimensions are 4" x 3.5" x 14.5"
    • Ensures your bars stay intact & maintain their shape while avoiding soap dish goop!
    • Tiered shelves hold up to 4 bars, keeping your collection organized & chic
    • Stainless steel is rustproof & easy to clean
    • Self-adhering handle conveniently suctions to your shower wall & includes a dial to activate suction
    • Easily removable and re-attachable so you can hang it anywhere and move around as you please
    • Stays secure and maintains grip on shower surfaces

    Step 1. Find a completely smooth & clean wall surface without texture or obstruction (e.g., glass or smooth tile). If your shower wall has any texture, please use the provided adhesive sticker to attach the caddy. 
    Step 2. Rinse suction cup under warm water; shake off excess water. 
    Step 3. Place suction cup against smooth surface; press firmly while turning the adjustment knob clockwise toward the “CLOSE” arrow. Continue turning the knob until it’s tight. 
    Step 4. To remove, support the caddy with one hand while turning the adjustment knob counterclockwise toward the “OPEN” arrow until the suction cup detaches from the wall. 
    PRO TIPS: Retighten suction knob regularly to ensure your shower rack stays securely in place. On flat surfaces, you can alternatively stand the caddy on its feet.

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