5 Reasons Why Everyone Is Using This Rice Water Hair Growth Shampoo

the softness...try and keep your hands out of your hair after this...we won't judge

1. Their hair is the softest & strongest it's ever felt!

Rice water protein bars contain rich amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that dramatically nourish, strengthen, and repair hair. They absorb deeply into your hair shaft to improve its elasticity, leaving you with sensationally soft hair.

2. It keeps their hair perfectly balanced, not dried and dull like other bars they've tried

Most shampoo bars use a higher pH level, contain sulfates, or use silicon to mimic the effects of liquid shampoo. All of which can severely dry and damage your hair. Kitsch is carefully balanced and doesn’t contain sulfates or silicone so your hair can retain it’s moisture and allow the rice water protein to work it’s hair-growth magic.

3. They love the delicious all-natural scent

No fake smells, or overpowering chemicals invading your nostrils here. With Kitsch, only natural fragrances derived from plants gently fill your shower for a relaxing spa experience you’ll have no issues indulging in.

4. It suds better than any other bar soaps they've ever tried!

This set comes with two elegant mesh pouches to place your bars in. They help to activate a lather you didn’t know possible with natural bar soaps. This pleasant surprise will leave you feeling clean in the purest sense of the word.

5. They LOVE how much money they’re saving

You’re not just saving the planet from plastic bottles, you’re saving money, too. One bar is estimated to last 100 washes, which will save you two bottles of liquid shampoo or conditioner. And, you’ll find that you can go even longer between washes before your hairs starts to get oily again. Saving time and money never smelt and felt this good.

"These rice water bars gave me control, softness and above all else SHINY HAIR for the first time in my life"

— Tina, USA

What Our Customers Say

“Oh my word…I’m shocked! My hair is so soft and shiny! It feels like it did 30 years ago! And I still have a good 1/2 bar left after using it for 2 months. You gotta try it!!!!”

Sharon C, USA

Verified Buyer

“This conditioner bar is soft once wet and applies like a dream. The shampoo bar gets a beautiful, thick lather. I am hooked from day 1!” 

Sarah H, USA

Verified Buyer

I struggled a lot with dry scalp and my hair feeling dry. This shampoo helped me out so much, I no longer have a dry scalp and my hair is SO smooth and silky! Do NOT hesitate to try this product. ALSO it is so good for the environment!!

Jacqueline L, USA

Verified Buyer

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Say goodbye to thin, dry & damaged. Say hello to beautiful, strong, silky, perfection.

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go longer between washes without getting oily

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