Satin-Wrapped Hair Towel - Aura
Satin-Wrapped Hair Towel - Aura
Satin-Wrapped Hair Towel - Aura
Satin-Wrapped Hair Towel - Aura
Satin-Wrapped Hair Towel - Aura
Satin-Wrapped Hair Towel - Aura
Satin-Wrapped Hair Towel - Aura

サテン巻きヘアタオル オーラ

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  • 髪を 乾かす時間を半分に!
  • 柔らかなマイクロファイバー素材は どんな髪質にもやさしい
  • 髪にやさしい 縮れを抑え 切れ毛を抑える
  • 伸縮性のあるゴムが、どんな長さの髪にもフィットするポケットを作ります。 あらゆる髪の長さに対応
  • 余分な水分をやさしく吸い取る髪の油分を奪わない
  • 100%ヴィーガンサテン カール&ウェーブをキープ

      Why Millions of Women are Switching to Kitsch Hair Towels

      1. cut drying time in half

      Quick dry towels have a greater amount of surface that is available per square inch in which to absorb water. The average person’s hair should almost completely dry in about 30 minutes when using a satin-wrapped microfiber hair towel.

      2. gentle on hair

      Vegan Satin is a nearly frictionless material, so you don’t have to use as much effort to quickly dry your hair. Your hair will be dry – but not excessively so – which helps maintain its softness and manageability.

      3. lightweight & comfortable

      Our hair towels are a lighter and more comfortable alternative to wrapping your hair in heavy bath towels. Unlike cotton towels that can be rough on hair, the texture of satin is gentle and soft. Our hair towel includes a button to secure it in place as well.

      4. help prevent snags

      Cotton towels are made with tiny loops that can get caught in your hair and snag it. Not only can this be painful, but it can also cause your hair to break off as you are trying to untangle it. The smoothness of satin-wrapped towels means that there are no loops to get intertwined with your hair.

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      Our Story

      Founded by Wisconsin native Cassandra Thurswell at the age of 25, Kitsch is a global beauty powerhouse built on positivity and pure hard work. The brand supports its growing community with easy, elevated beauty solutions that are totally reliable, truly special, and made as sustainably as possible. Beginning in 2010 with a business plan no longer than a paragraph, Kitsch now supplies a full range of beauty favorites in over 20,000 retail locations worldwide. A prominent entrepreneur featured in Forbes and Inc., Cassandra continues to create elevated, sustainable beauty solutions for every moment of the day.

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