Collection: Eco-Friendly Hair Brushes and Combs

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Showing of Items
A curated collection of hair tools is essential to maintaining beautiful, healthy hair! That is why we designed Kitsch Consciously-Created Hair Brushes, with everything you might need to style and maintain your locks. Made from biodegradable material and recycled packaging, rest assured that you are being kind on the environment while caring for your hair.

Our Wet/Dry Brush and Paddle Brushes are designed for all-purpose detangling and make for wonderful everyday hairbrushes. These tools consist of thin, flexible bristles that work through fragile hair without snagging or breaking it. Use at any time to get rid of knots, whether you are fresh out of the shower or refreshing dry hair. These brushes especially work wonders for straight, sleek hairstyles.

Kitsch Ceramic Round Blow Dry Brush is the perfect styling tool to create lasting volume in any blow dry look you are achieving. Use during blow drying to help shape your hair for a bouncy, sleek look. The vented ceramic barrel helps improve dry time & reduce heat damage by staying warm & directing less heat on the hair. This helps to maintain the health of your hair and quickly produce beautiful results.

A Wide-Tooth Comb is essential for gently detangling, especially if you have curls and waves. The wide design helps leave room for your natural hair to clump and form. Use during the shower to disperse product and stimulate the scalp. The no-slip texture makes using this comb effortless without losing grip, and helps to loosely brush out styled curls and natural texture without adding frizz.