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Kitsch's Pampered Pets Favs

"My secret weapon? Kitsch"

– Bella

"I didn't believe frizz free fur was a possibility for me until I tried sleeping with satin pillowcase from Kitsch!"

 – Tee Bone  

"I take naps. LOTS of them. In fact my human calls me an expert...and nothing has made my naps better than my satin eye mask. It's buttery soft and makes me dream about buttery treats so I always have a good nap's rest."

- Balto 

"Bath time is the worst time. Except that one time my human took me to a spa and they wrapped my head in a super soft towel so I wouldn't have to keep shaking. My human was a good girl and she bought me this one from Kitsch. I recommend for all the pups like me that hate having wet fur! Great for after baths, puddles, or when your human still makes you go outside to use the bathroom in the rain." 


"I only like two things. My human and my satin sleep cap from Kitsch."