KITSCH's New Year's Resolution: Why We Revamped Your Favorite Sleep Sets

Kitsch's New year's resolution: 


Satin Pillowcase in Leopard

When the clock struck midnight on January 1st, you might’ve felt that there would be something different about the next twelve months. We did too. But how do you transform this potential for change into something tangible?

Before the year began, we vowed to walk into 2020 with a clearer vision of our mission and our purpose. One of our goals was to make KITSCH a cruelty-free company by mindfully curating our offerings.

Full disclosure: Our founder, Cassandra, and her husband Jeremy have been vegetarian for 10 years. It wasn’t just for the health benefits, either. Our world is changing at a phenomenal rate, and they wanted to help change it for the better.

This year, Cassandra and Jeremy decided to take it a step further. 

To start, KITSCH made the switch from using silk to satin in all of our sleep accessories. That means all of your favorites, from the pillowcases to the scrunchies, are now made with 100% vegan- friendly fibers. 

Although a few things have changed with this decision, everything you love about your sleep ritual will stay exactly the same.

What’s changed with Kitsch’s sleep accessories?

Satin Eye Mask in Blush

Satin Eye Mask in Black

By making the switch from silk to satin, we’ve taken a huge step in becoming better stewards of the planet. As a global company with the potential to reach millions of people, this change cascades down to everyone who adds a Kitsch sleep accessory to their routine. 

Here’s a (not-so) fun fact: 

According to PETA, about 3,000 silkworms die to make one pound of silk. Combine that with the fact that millions of pounds of silk are spun every year, and you get a sense of how many animal lives are affected by the industry. 

To make silk, companies boil silkworms alive in their cocoons. Taking the silkworms out beforehand makes the silk threads shorter and the final result rougher. Silk is a luxury item, after all, and luxury demands quality. 

But by becoming a cruelty-free company, we’re taking a stand against animal exploitation. It’s our hope that other companies do the same in the years ahead.


Satin Sleep Set in Leopard

Even though KITSCH's silk collection has been replaced with a satin one, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Here are three things you can look forward to with the new satin sleep collection. 

Satin reduces the amount of friction on your hair and skin while you sleep. 

Your hair and your face are some of the first things other people notice about you. That’s why we wanted to make sure that switching from silk products wouldn’t affect your sleep quality or your appearance. 

Using a smooth fabric like satin for your pillowcases and head scarves helps you wake up with frizz-free, volumized hair in the morning. But that’s not all: It also helps prevent split ends, tugging on your facial skin, and sleep wrinkles. If you have eyelash extensions, satin pillowcases are gentler on them too. 

No matter how much you might toss and turn at night, satin sleep accessories help you put the “beauty” in beauty sleep.

Satin doesn't soak up moisture from its environment.

Cotton is great for wicking away moisture, which makes them perfect for bath towels but terrible for your pillows.

Satin, on the other hand, doesn’t absorb moisture from its environment. The last thing you want is to wake up every morning with dry skin, and satin obliges.

Additionally, this unique quality keeps your satin pillowcases cleaner for longer. Because it doesn’t soak up moisture, it also means that it doesn’t soak up any oil or skincare products from your face either. Sleep with satin pillowcases and eye masks, and you won’t have to worry about oily hair or overnight breakouts.

Satin makes sleeping a luxurious experience to savor.

Equally as important: Sleeping in satin feels just as luxurious as sleeping in silk.

This year, you’ll spend two-thirds of your day working towards your goals and sticking to your resolutions. The last third you’ll spend sleeping. Why wouldn’t you want to pamper yourself in the process? You deserve it, after all.

The change we want to see in the world must start somewhere. This year, we decided that it begins with us. We’d love it if you joined us in going cruelty-free too.

What our customers are saying about our satin collection

Crystal (New York, US)


"Love this"

"Got the set with the scrunchie and face mask as a company holiday gift. Loved it so much i bought a 2nd pillowcase to have a matching set on my bed."

Baylie Chappell (Brookings, US)


"Satin pillowcase!!!"

"Love this pillowcase and it’s made me wonder why I waited so long to get one. Makes my hair so much less frizzy and makes my face feel less puffy in the morning. Highly recommend!"

Christine Barnard (Houston, US)


"Great for Hair and Skin!"

"Love that it helps maintain my hair and skin!"

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