√ Adds volume & lifts your ponytail 

 √ Easy to use & comfortable to wear 

√ Perfect for fine & thin hair

Ready to take your ponytail to the next level?

Create a fuller, thicker, more voluminous looking pony in minutes with KITSCH PONYFULL®

This patent pending styling tool slides into your ponytail effortlessly & comfortably adding fullness & height without the use of expensive extensions. A styling tool essential for elevating thin, lackluster ponytails to show-stopping perfect ponies.


"Perfect way to make my pony more full without teasing and ton of products."

“The results with PONYFULL® are amazing! Its comfortable in the hair and easy to use. I wish I would’ve had this for my wedding for a full low pony!”

"PONYFULL® is a ponytail game changer! I loved how full and perky my pony looked!"

"It works! My sad little ponytail looks so thick & healthy now. Thank you PONYFULL®!

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(Albuquerque, US)



"Works very well with my very fine hair and stays in place all day long. You don’t even realize it’s there. By far the best product of the kind!!"

Sarina T

(New York, US)


"Awesome for thin hair!"

"This is an amazing product if you have thin hair that droops when tied in a ponytail! It adds a perfect lift and the pony tail has a very thick appearance. Very easy to put in and The price point is awesome also! Get it if on the fence! I’ll be getting a couple more as back up!!! Love this!!."

Nicole Williams

(Charlotte, US)


"Such a Difference!"

"With very fine hair and a lifetime of limp ponytails I was super skeptical, but decided to give this a try. WOW-- it works exactly as promised, doesn't show (which I was worried about), and wasn't at all uncomfortable."

Deborah Ledford

(Smyrna, US)


"A "big girl" ponytail!"

"My hair is super fine so I’ve always had a sad little toddler-sized ponytail. This was easy to use and gave me a normal ponytail I can be proud of!! I’m a HUGE fan!"

Candice Scoville

(Gainesville, US)


"Yasssss, Queen😍"

"Every lady needs this, long or short hair!! It’s so perfect. It gives you all the sass you could ever dream of!!"


(Chino, US)


"It worked!"

"It did give me a fuller looking ponytail. It’s easy to use but there is a little bit of a learning curve. If my ponytail is too tight it’s hard to get in. If my ponytail is loose it’s easier to get in but It loosens the hair underneath for some reason giving me a bump. When I stretch out the hair ties it comes with it helps getting it in better. So far I’ve worn it twice with no problems!"

Christa Ferrari

(Denver, US)


"Pony Full for the Win!"

"For years I have wanted my ponytail to look thicker! As I get older it gets thinner and thinner. The pony full is so easy to use and gives me exactly the look that I hoped for! I could not be happier!"

Ponyfull® step by step guide

Step 1

Gather your hair into a ponytail & wrap KITSCH NO SNAGELASTIC around two to three times depending on hair thickness.

Step 2

Split your ponytail in half horizontally. With your non-dominant hand hold the top half up above your head.

Step 3

With your dominant hand hold PONYFULL® with pick facing downward & the self gripping material side facing your palm.

Step 4

Gently hook the pick into the center of the pony pushing downward making a C shape. Elastic should naturally settle around the narrowest groove of PONYFULL®. It will instantly expand the elastic & make your ponytail feel tighter.

Step 5

Release the top half of ponytail down & adjust hair to cover the self gripping material. This will secure the PONYFULL® & keep it from being seen.

Step 6

Adjust PONYFULL® to sit comfortably as needed & enjoy the results as PONYFULL® instantly thickens & lifts your Ponytail!