Consciously Created Wet/Dry Brush
Consciously Created Wet/Dry Brush
Consciously Created Wet/Dry Brush
Wet/Dry Brush in Recycled Plastic - KITSCH
Wet/Dry Brush in Recycled Plastic - KITSCH

Consciously Created Wet/Dry Brush

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Wet/Dry Brush For All-Purpose Detangling

WHAT: The Kitsch Wet/Dry Brush is the perfect hair tool for everyday hair care.
HOW: Its thin flexible bristles comb through fragile hair without snagging or breaking hair. 
WHY: Use this brush to smooth out knots and disperse products evenly throughout wet or dry hair.

  • 1.5” wide brush handle 
  • 3” wide cushion 
  • 9” long
  • Helps reduce hair breakage 
  • Gently detangles wet & dry hair 
  • Smooths frizz 
  • Stimulates scalp for hair growth 
  • Ideal for straight sleek hair styles 
  • No-slip coating for ultimate grip
  • Brush Handle: PLA environmentally friendly corn starch fibers 
  • Cushion: Natural rubber (biodegradable) 
  • Bristles: Recycled nylon

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Our Story

Founded by Wisconsin native Cassandra Thurswell at the age of 25, Kitsch is a global beauty powerhouse built on positivity and pure hard work. The brand supports its growing community with easy, elevated beauty solutions that are totally reliable, truly special, and made as sustainably as possible. Beginning in 2010 with a business plan no longer than a paragraph, Kitsch now supplies a full range of beauty favorites in over 20,000 retail locations worldwide. A prominent entrepreneur featured in Forbes and Inc., Cassandra continues to create elevated, sustainable beauty solutions for every moment of the day.

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