Deep-Conditioning Flaxseed Heat Cap
Deep-Conditioning Flaxseed Heat Cap
Deep-Conditioning Flaxseed Heat Cap
Deep-Conditioning Flaxseed Heat Cap

Deep-Conditioning Flaxseed Heat Cap

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  • Applying heat to hair and scalp opens pores and hair cuticles
  • Steam from heat enhances the benefits of favorite hair treatments to leave hair smooth & shiny
  • Made from soft recycled polyester & filled with natural flaxseed
  • Reversible & reusable
  • Conveniently cordless & microwavable
  • Can be used on most hair types & textures
  • Includes Heat Cap (x1) & Recyclable Shower Cap (x10)
  • Made From Recycled Materials!
  • One size fits most

1. Follow hair preparation & application instructions of chosen hair treatment.
2. Wrap up & secure hair with a Kitsch Recyclable Shower Cap to protect the heating cap from hair treatment residue.
3. Wrap the Deep-Conditioning Heat Cap in a dry towel & microwave on medium or low heat for up to 60 seconds. Test the cap & if the temperature isn’t to your liking, continue heating at intervals of up to 60 seconds until your desired temperature is reached. 
Do not microwave longer than a combined total of 3 minutes and do not use high heat. Keep out of water.
4. Place heat cap overhead & hair and let it sit for 15-20 minutes or as directed by your chosen hair treatment. 

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