5 Reasons
Why Millions of Women
Are Switching To
Kitsch's Pillowcase

Dreaming of better hair? Better skin? Better sleep? Here are the five reasons why over 2 million people have made the switch to Kitsch.






80,000+ 5-STAR REVIEWS

1. Happier Skin

Tired of waking up with creases and wrinkles? Satin limits the amount of friction on your skin during sleep, which is especially helpful if you’re a side or stomach sleeper. Without the pulling that comes with traditional cotton pillowcases, you can rest easy knowing you’ll wake up with a fresh, rejuvenated look every morning.

2. Non-absorbent

With Kitsch pillowcases, your night serums and lotions stay where they should be — on your face. Satin is non-absorbent and breathable, which allows your hair and skin to maintain its oils. That extra overnight hydration can really help you wake up with a less tight, dry face. If you live in an especially dry climate, every little bit can make a huge difference!

3. Less breakage

Remember that frictionless magic we mentioned earlier? It works on hair, too. Thanks to the smooth satin material, it doesn’t rough up your hair cuticles as much as cotton does or rob your hair of its much-needed moisture. It also gives your hair the freedom to move naturally, so your hair stays tangle-free with less breakage. Goodbye bedhead, hello gorgeous!

4. Keeps you cool

There’s nothing better than the cool side of the pillow, and satin can keep you cool all night long. Known for its temperature-regulating qualities, satin is also a thinner material so it doesn’t trap heat as much as other fabrics like cotton and jersey. And the cooler you feel in bed, the deeper and more restful your sleep is.

5. Millions of Happy Customers

With over 2 million customers plus 80,000 5-star reviews and counting, we don’t just think you’ll love your Kitsch Satin Pillowcase — we know it. Available in standard/queen and king sizes and a variety of colors and prints, there’s a pillowcase for you. As one of our customers commented, “I couldn’t imagine a night without my Kitsch pillowcases.” The feeling is mutual!